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Work collaboratively with the parties to facilitate discussion, negotiate and find an early resolution.

Is Mediation Your Best Option?

Mediation is the most attractive option for dispute resolution because it avoids the risks and expense of trial and allows all parties to maintain control and decide for themselves on what terms to settle. It removes the warring mentality and replaces it with a cooperative process.

Offers creative and more flexible solutions to disputes that are not available through arbitration or litigation.

Provides a forum for the parties to listen and be heard, partake in collaborative negotiations and make wise decisions. 

Arrives at a final and lasting settlement built entirely by the parties working with the mediator.

Why Lawyers, Businesses and Individuals Select Me as Their Mediator

I am deeply passionate about helping people and businesses resolve their legal disputes. During my 25 years of litigating, arbitrating and settling complex, and often intensely personal, disputes, I know that only the rarest of cases belongs in the courthouse at trial. The parties are invariably better off finding a negotiated settlement. 


The extraordinary costs of litigation, the inherent uncertainty, and the emotional stress and distraction from more important endeavors, demands that clients and their attorneys place a premium on settlements. 

What You Can Expect When You Bring Me on Board

From the moment I am engaged as a mediator, you can expect me to be all in. Every dispute involves a unique history, personalities and characteristics, and I enter each mediation with a planned approach to get the parties to resolution.


At mediation, you can count on a thoughtful, candid and persuasive mediator and a neutral and trustworthy process every time. You can also count on progress. We can reach a negotiated settlement in the vast majority of cases on the first day of mediation. But if we don't reach resolution on the first day, we won't leave the mediation without having made progress toward resolution and a plan to overcome the barriers to settlement in the days ahead.  

I bridge the gap of factual and legal barriers to settlement, help to explore potential areas for agreement, find the factors that unlock the case and influence the decision makers to move to resolution.

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