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Serve as the decision-maker, evaluating the testimony and evidence to determine a just result.

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American Arbitration Association (AAA)

Panel Member: Commercial and Construction

Is Arbitration Your Best Option?

Arbitration is another method for resolving disputes outside of court to lessen the expense, stress and wasted time involved with going to trial. Contracting parties frequently rely on arbitration to resolve disputes between businesses, employers and employees, and businesses and consumers. The purpose is to obtain a fair resolution by an impartial third party without excessive expense and delay. Selecting arbitration over litigation is motivated first and foremost by a desire for efficiency. 

Offers a more streamlined, cost effective and expeditious process than litigation.

Allows parties the freedom to customize many elements of the process. 

Provides a less formal and more comfortable setting than court.

Why Lawyers, Businesses and Individuals Select Me as Their Arbitrator

The key to achieving the goals of fairness and efficiency is the selection of an arbitrator, and the efficient administration of justice requires participation of highly qualified neutrals. This is the reason I began serving as an arbitrator. 


Throughout my litigation career, I have excelled at identifying the core issues in a dispute, seeing both sides of every argument, and understanding how the law is applied to a given set of facts. As a patient, thoughtful, objective and insightful arbitrator, I understand the critical importance of being thoroughly prepared and providing the parties their day in court. 

What You Can Expect When You Bring Me on Board

I encourage the parties to customize their arbitration to the extent agreement can be reached. Even when agreements are not reached, applying the parties' contract and using the inherent discretion afforded an arbitrator, I am able to resolve cases in arbitration much faster than can be achieved through litigation. An arbitrator willing to limit discovery to what is reasonably necessary, or issue a ruling on summary judgment to appropriately narrow the claims, is capable of providing substantial benefit to all parties to a dispute. There is no excuse for an arbitration dragging on longer than it would in the court system. 

As an independent third party and arbitrator, I listen to the disputing parties and review the evidence carefully to make a decision.

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